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  • Gillbio is developing and selling products that can diagnose many types of diseases based on various platforms such as self-diagnostics home testing products (Self-testing), Point-of-care testing(POCT) products for rapid and accurate diagnosis in small and medium hospitals, and Fully Automated Immunoblot system for multiplex testing at large hospitals.

    A simple disease treatment became the past, and today we have faced the era of healthcare 3.0, which enables prediction, prevention, companion diagnosis, and treatment and monitoring of a disease. Therefore, in-vitro diagnostics technology has become more important than ever and there are rising expectations for the huge potential that the convergence of various IVD technologies will show.

    Based on its internalized BT-NT-IT convergence technology and commercialization capability, Sugentech enables early diagnosis of diseases which were not possible before, and is opening a new era of a personalized diagnosis through the development of micro, multiplex, automated diagnostic instruments.

    In the era of 4th Industrial Revolution known as big data and artificial intelligence, we will grow as a global leading smart healthcare company contribute to the 4th Industrial Revolution in the field of healthcare.


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